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This lovely pillow will bring you warmth and confort.

It is made from finest linen and filled with organic wheat grain. 

Use your Wheat Warmer heated to increase your well being or for aches and pains, to relieve tense muscles and rheumatic pain or as a bedwarmer.


Heat your Wheat Warmer as follows:

In a microwave oven: 2-3min at 750W or

In a conventional oven: 10-15min at 125°.

Do not overheat, not flammable proof.


The Wheat Warmer can also be used as an icepack for sprains or headaches. Place in a plastic bag and leave in the freezer for an hour before use.


Care: the outer bag can be washed in 60°


Size: 50*18cm

Wheat warmer orange

SKU: 2001-20 orange
35,00 €Price
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