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About us

IO, what does it stand for? Or rather "who" does it stand for?


More than just two letters, IO is the association of two initials, two names, two ambitions, two sensibilities who are standing for one and only one vision for what is beautiful!

A vision for the perfect decorative object, gorgeous fabrics, small pieces of furniture which, season after season, will give a boost and add a splash of color to your interior.

Isabelle & Olivia acquired their taste and developed this vision through many years spent working as an architect for one and in the real estate business for the second.

Years during which both have seen, advised and experienced a lot.

Years that allowed them to acquire not just one taste for beautiful things but a variety of tastes, solid tastes, sometimes daring, always classic, modern and timeless, colorful but also appeasing. Tastes of colors for you, for you interior. Objects to please yourself or to offer as a gift.

IO's Interior has a range of high quality products, always trendy, practical, useful or just simply beautiful, distributed exclusively for you during event sales (pop-up stores), private sales or through this webshop.


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